How do you get your brand in front of a heap of engaged and interested followers?

Unless you have a huge following yourself we all know this can be a huge challenge. Sure, Facebook advertising & Instagram advertising have their place but that ‘Sponsored’ tag really helps to disengage your audience. Unless of course you have some awesome copy and have targeted your ad really really well. (If you need help with creating Social Media ads, I include up to 2x campaigns per network as part of my social media management packages).

What are Social Media Influencers?

Social Media influencers, are those bloggers, Facebook accounts/Instagram accounts that have built a significant organic following by gaining a real/perceived authority, knowledge or relationship on a specific subject matter.

Why are Social Media Influencers so powerful?

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, compared to 33% trusting online ads. If you can build relationships with an influencer/s in your chosen area, that then promote your brand in an authentic way, you could find the results astounding.

But remember a large following is not always best, you are looking for an influencer that produces great content and promotes you in an authentic way . It is the power the influencer has to convince their following that your brand/product is worthy – so an influencer that is a great fit to you is very very important. Followers have the power to unfollow as quickly as they follow so will easily switch off if bombarded my marketing messages.


How do you find Social Media Influencers?

There are many ways you can come across influencers – some may be accounts you follow already, however there are some great new start-ups emerging that are really tapping into this market of matching influencers with brands/agencies.

One of my favourites I have just stumbled across has to be TRIBE .

“In minutes, brands create a brief and invite thousands of micro-influencers to submit a
creative post with a fee attached. If the brand approves it, the influencer publishes it direct
to their socials and is paid immediately.”

How much easier can it be? A self-service marketplace for matching influencers/content and brands. And the best part is you approve the post and choose the content before you encounter any cost.

Other companies of note can be found here.

So what are you waiting for. I highly recommend giving TRIBE a go, or if you would prefer, get in touch and I can walk you through the process.

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