This is the second in a series of guest posts that will appear on the KD Design & Marketing website. The aim behind them is to provide you with as many useful resources as possible from a range of extremely talented freelancers. This post comes to you from Nadine Crowe – a web copywriter and SEO consultant based in Melbourne, Australia.

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking for ways to save your money, not spend it. But, before you decide copywriters aren’t worth the investment, let’s have a quick look at what they can do for your business. 

And keep in mind, copywriters vary in their level of expertise, from junior levels, right up to senior copywriters with years of experience. And they price themselves accordingly. 

Generally, what you’re able to invest in your copywriter will reflect the quality of product you receive in return. 

The following is based on observations of experienced copywriters.



1. Save you time ($$$$)


Professional copywriters are efficient. They have an objective view of your business and your audience, and know exactly what they need to do. If you’re wondering whether you can justify the financial investment, ask yourself how long it will take you to write and tinker with the copy on your site, and the cost if you miss the mark. Time is money. Good copywriters know what they are doing, and usually cost a fraction of the revenue their words generate.

2. Know how to make your business stand out online

Have you ever noticed how everyone’s website starts to sound the same after a while? A good copywriter will know exactly how to make your business stand out amongst the crowd. They’ll hone in on what sets your business apart, and make you shine.

3. Know how to turn your audience into buying customers

A good copywriter will focus on connecting with your audience. They will know exactly how to get your customers’ attention by researching what your audience needs and how your business provides them with a real solution. They don’t wonder about what they should put where. They know what to say and where to say it to turn your audience into buying customers.

4. Help you find your voice

Do you know what you want to say, but when you write it out, it comes out nothing like you expected? Or worse, you’ve paid someone else to do it, and it sounds nothing like you? A good copywriter will know how to write for your audience in your voice. They research and listen to you. Expect them to ask ALL THE QUESTIONS.

5. Help you get found online

The reality is, it’s not just about having a great website. You want a website that get’s found.

One of the big signalling factors to search engines such as Google, is whether people like and value your site. Do people engage with your content? Is it helpful for them? The more people value the content on your site, the longer they’ll stay. And Google takes note.

If your site’s been written by an experienced professional focussed on connecting with your audience, there’s a good chance you’re already half way there.

But if you really want to take it to the next level, and give your site every chance of getting found online, you might want to think about hiring a copywriter that specialises in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Good SEO copywriting is written for people and the Google bots without your human readers realising a thing.

Just be sure, if you do engage an SEO copywriter, that you have a holistic view of SEO – in other words, make sure you also pay attention to your technical SEO and off-site SEO. A good SEO copywriter will be able to guide you on both these things.

And before you start feeling daunted about how to sort the good SEO copywriters from those that are still learning, check out this article: How to find a good SEO copywriter.

Other things a good SEO copywriter can help you with include:


Comprehensive SEO audits

Get your site in tip-top shape


Website strategy

Be clear on what purpose you want your website to serve. What do you want your customers to do once they’ve visited your site? Do your pages have a clear Call To Action?


Understanding searcher intent

Give your readers everything they want, and more


Devising a content plan

Ensure you are on track providing helpful information for your audience


Video scripts

Rank for your chosen keywords in both YouTube and Google


Local SEO/Google My Business/Knowledge graphs

Dominate your local market


Keyword research and mapping

Give yourself the best chance of ranking for your chosen keywords


Standout meta descriptions

Enhance click through rates in the Search Engine Results pages

So, what do you think? Can you afford to invest in a copywriter? Or rather, can you afford not to? Let us know below.



More about our Guest Poster:

Nadine Crowe is a SEO copywriter based in Melbourne, Australia.

A former award-winning cancer immunologist, Nadine now uses her sleuth-like detective skills to find out exactly how to make your business stand out online, and turn your audience into happy, buying customers.

To find out more, check out her page, Nadine Crowe, or sign up for her monthly newsletter, The Good Stuff, to get her latest posts, discounts, and subscriber-only offers.

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